Wednesday, June 17, 2009

River Banks Zoo

Sunday I got back from SouthCarolina spending time with my grand parents. Tuesday my granddaddy took me to Ed ventures which is a place were there are lots of room you go in to and each room has a different theme. It was really fun. Friday They took me to the zoo. We had to wait 45 minutes before we could go in. Aparently a gorilla had ecaped from a low hanging piece of bamboo. One worker got trapled over and was sent to the hospitle. The bottom line here is that I made national news because I was in the picture in the paper.

If you read this article, you will see a picture of me in the shot and the artical. I am NOT giving out atograghs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Braves Win

Finally! The Braves beat the Brewers tonight, and Chipper Jones hit TWO home runs.

Yeah, I have his autograph.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Braves Game

Yesterday we went to a Braves game. After half of the game was done, Greg Norton, #20, came in to pinch hit for the pitcher. He had 2 balls, no strikes, and he hit the ball, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN A HOME RUN, because it went inside the yellow pole until it was way over the fence. The ump said, "Safe!..............foul ball!!" And everyone--even the Brewers fans--started booing. So since Norton still had 2 strikes left, he got another chance and he hit one that WOULD have gone over the fence if the left fielder hadn't jumped up and caught it. I guess it doesn't matter, though. We probably still would have lost.

Jordan Shaffer was out of the game and some Nate gye filled in for him. It was his first time playing in Major League baseball.

Tommy Hannson is pitching tomarow and I have his autograph.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Amazingly Awful

This morning we were out of peanut butter so I couldn't have waffles. But Tuesday my mom went to Publix and bought squirtible pancakes.  Batter Blaster comes in a can like whipped cream. It's supposed to be soooooo easy. But they kept getting burnt and my mom couldn't turn them over without them scrunching up like an accordian. I tasted them and they were terrible. She said it was the worst 5 dollars she's ever spent.

I said who buys squirt pancakes anyway?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jack or the Dog

Two nights ago, Jack started saying he wanted a dog. He was complaining because I got a puppy before he did. This all started because his friend's family is moving and trying to find a home for their pit bull. He said they're moving somewhere where it's illegal to have pit bulls. Dad didn't think this was true--about them being illegal.

Jack: Lots of places don't allow pit bulls. 

Dad: That can't be true.

Jack: It is true. In some states they're illegal--like in Miami.

Then everybody started laughing. This just proves how stupid Jack is. No wonder he failed two classes and has to go to summer school.

Note: It is true though. Mom googled it.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long. My mom cancelled her yahoo business account and my email went with it. We didn't know I would lose my blog too.